and I am the Grassroots Chef! I am a passionate husband, father of two beautiful girls and chef. My cooking journey started just out of high school training as a traditional chef 14 years ago. This foundation led me to numerous positions and experiences in the food industry including head chef positions, small business management and owning my own restaurant.


My food ethos has always been about using the best quality produce sourced as local as possible and treated with respect. In 2016, it was this same ethos which eventually led to my wife and I changing our lifestyle and our restaurant to be completely plant-based vegan realising that;

a plant-based lifestyle is both healing for the body, soul and the environment.


Ethics and social consciousness is what drew me down this path but then I also quickly realised plant-based eating was not only more healthy but opened up a whole new world of creativity, flavour and excitement for cooking for me.


It is my belief that this way of eating should be accessible to everyone and what I hope to achieve is to bridge the gap for everyone wishing to explore their food and health options.

I aim to empower people by showing just how simple, fun and beneficial cooking plant-based can be.

This has also inspired me to further my education and training, particularly surrounding health and nutrition, I have recently completed the T. Collin Campbell plant-based nutrition certificate as well as keeping up to date with the latest in nutrition facts.

I aim, both at home for my family and in any work I do, to focus on as much as possible using local, organic and nutrient dense produce and cook without processed oils, gluten or refined/processed foods with kitchen practices that encourage composting and reduced food and general waste.

My dream is to empower my local and global community with the skills and knowledge to make lasting, positives changes in their personal food and health journey that result in thriving individuals and a thriving planet.


My family and I aim to align all aspects of life with our values of connection to each other and to nature, conscious parenting, being available for our children and creating a better world through aligning our work in a way that will have a positive effect on people and the planet. My wife, Jess, and I have two daughters. Rumi who is 19 months old and Willa who is 4. We have raised our children on a 100% plant based diet which has resulted in them being able to enjoy a wide variety of flavours and textures and they have a close to connection and understanding of how what they put in their body effects their health. We encourage them to connect to the full story of where their food comes from and how our choices can affect the lives of other humans and animals.

I believe in a food system where we consume calories locally, the waste and compost from those calories are add back to the soil locally, that soil is used to produce food locally and we then consume those calories again as food. A ‘closed loop’ system of farming that minimises waste and promotes health for our soil, our environment, and ourselves.

Our favourite activity as a family is sitting in the sun amongst our vegetable gardens enjoying a pot of chai tea or finding a nice spot in nature to enjoy a picnic.

I love to run. At the moment I am running 25km a day in preparation for my run across Australia in 2021 for my Eating For Change campaign raising awareness that what we eat can transform our health and the planet. I also want to show the power of a plant-based diet and how it is, and will, support this epic feat.

Thank you for following me on my journey and I hope that it can be of value to you also.

Hello, I am Asher.