About Grassroots Chef

My name is Asher Andrews (Grassroots Chef) I am a passionate husband, father of two beautiful girls and chef. My cooking journey started just out of high school training as a traditional chef 12 years ago. This foundation led me to numerous positions and experiences in the food industry including head chef positions, small business management and ownership. My food ethos has always been about using the best quality produce sourced as local as possible and treated with respect. In 2016 it was this same ethos which eventually led to my wife and I changing our lifestyle and our restaurant to be completely plant-based vegan realising a plant-based lifestyle is both healing for the body, soul and the environment.

Ethics and social consciousness is what drew me down this path but then I also quickly realised plant-based eating was not only more healthy but opened up a whole new world of creativity, flavour and excitement for cooking for me. It is my belief that this way of eating can be accessible to everyone and what I hope to achieve is to bridge the gap for everyone wishing to explore their food and health options. I aim to empower people by showing just how simple, fun and beneficial cooking plant-based can be. This has also inspired me to further my education and training, particularly surrounding health and nutrition, I have recently completed the T. Collin Campbell plant-based nutrition certificate as well as keeping up to date with the latest in nutrition facts. I will be pursuing further study in this area soon.

I aim, both at home for my family and in any work I do, to focus on as much as possible using local, organic and nutrient dense produce and cook without processed oils, gluten or refined/processed foods with kitchen practices that encourage composting and reduced food and general waste. It’s all about getting back to the basics in the kitchen.

I offer the following services:

  • Catering

  • Cooking classes

  • Kitchen/ menu consulting

  • Market & event pop ups

  • Charitable pay it forward meals through Toowoomba’s Table

  • Home Ready Meals

  • Workshops


Conscious & delicious plant-based cooking with a focus on local, organic and sustainable produce. Eating our way to better health and a better world.




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Asher is a softly spoken and highly accomplished chef creating picture perfect plant based food and proving that good food appeals to the most die hard carnivore.

Cooking Class Participant


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding us through the art of creating beautiful food.


Asher's food has soul.